Sacrament of the Flesh:

The Journal of Artemis Son

My life began when first I made love to Opal in my junior year of high school. I had quested for a grail of sexual experience nearly all of my life, hardly knowing what it was I would find. I am twenty-seven now, married to lovely woman, and enjoying the rites of sexuality in all its forms. Self-pleasure is a gift to be savored, a communion with one's own flesh, and I have indulged and experimented until I was left gasping in my own afterglow. Here I will share my fantasies and truer tales, hoping to turn you on. Here is my sexual playground, the circle of stones where lovers will gather and act out the myriad combinations of physical love. Come share this passion with me, and we will all the pleasures prove...

Disclaimer #1: This journal is "Friends Only" for a reason. The work contained herein is of a highly sexual nature, and anyone viewing it does so of their own volition. Your D.O.B. must be showing on your profile page at the time of admission, and only those 18 and older will be admitted. I am not responsible for your actions. As for acts depicted in these stories: Do not try them at home. Some of them could lead to serious injury.

Disclaimer #2: Privacy is sacrosanct. Please note that all entries here are works of fantasy, or otherwise distorted by extreme poetic license. Any resemblence to actual people or events or the physical limits of the human body is purely coincidental. If you are offended by something here, don't read it. My writings are meant for pleasure and enlightenment--they are to be read simply as stories and poems, nothing more.

Oh yes--and all original works contained herein are copyright of Artemis Son 2005 ad infinitum. I don't mind sharing, I'll be honored if you do, just give credit where credit is due. And potentially legally enforced.

Artist: Nymfita